Green Tea Every Day - It's easier than you think!

While there is a visible light at the end of the Covid tunnel, by now we’re all a bit winded, making this the most precarious stretch yet. Drinking green tea every day is a simple yet seriously effective way to boost your immune system, as well as help keep you calm and focused through whatever you’re facing.

As much as the act of properly brewing and drinking green tea allows you to slow down and take a conscious moment for yourself, the contradictory reality of daily life can make this difficult to do as often as you’d like. Here are some tips on how to make it easier to incorporate green tea into your daily routine.


1. The Right Temperature

How often have you burned your mouth sipping from your thermos filled with scalding hot tea? It’s no wonder you end up giving up on it, bringing home a mostly full thermos at the end of the day. The solution? Fill your thermos with green tea that is already at a comfortable drinking temperature—not too hot. A good thermos should keep your tea warm pretty well throughout the day. Don’t have the time in the morning to brew your tea and then wait for it to cool to the perfect temperature? Just make a slightly stronger brew with hot water as per usual, pour it into your thermos half or 2/3 of the way, and fill the rest with cooler water. Life isn’t perfect. Some green tea is better than none.


2. The Right Thermos

If your thermos doesn’t retain temperature well, or is uncomfortable to use, you’ll likely end up neglecting to use it; and even when you do, you may not drink from it as often as you’d intended, especially if you get busy or are driving a lot. Choose a thermos that retains temperature well, and is comfortable and easy to use. Take a look at our ceramic-coated Kyocera thermoses with convenient flip-top buttons.


3. Use Your Thermos at Home

Sometimes being at home all day makes it even easier to forget to have green tea, simply because we become too comfortable or distracted. Try filling a thermos as you would when going out or to the office, and take it around with you in the house. It’s much more efficient than going back and forth to the kitchen to pour yourself a mugful, leaving it on a shelf to cool, forgetting about it, and then finding it has gone cold when you go back to it, if you go back to it. A thermos is just as convenient to use at home as it is on the go.


4. The Right Teapot

Just like having the right thermos, the right teapot will make it easier for you to brew green tea more regularly. Uncomfortable objects make for less use of them. See some of our favorite teapots!

5. No time for brewing at all?

Throw some green tea leaves or powder into your water bottle and go. The tea will cold-brew over the next minutes and hours on its own, infusing your water with the extraordinary benefits.

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