"While this culture of farming is part of a healthy lifestyle for people living on this island, it can also serve as a microcosm for world health, contributing as an example to others wanting to live and eat healthy."

The Regenerative Farm

What is AYR Red Tea?

A unique black tea powder made of tea leaves harvested All Year Round & finished with the perfect roast for a distinctive, unforgettable taste.


Thoughtfully selected teaware to optimize your Wild Orchard experience

What experts are saying

"As I’ve gotten to know the people at Wild Orchard I’ve come to know about the integrity behind the product like washing the leaves 4 times to wash out all the impurities. I see the commitment to organic and growing the teas regeneratively. The teas taste amazing and am a big fan of Wild Orchard."
"Wild Orchard has really taken organic to the next level. Their many unique flavors of green tea amaze me on a daily basis and have turned me from a coffee lover into an avid tea drinker. Drinking Wild Orchard Green Tea every day has improved my physical and mental health."
"I could be considered prejudice to this tea because I certified this farm to USDA and EU Organic many years ago. But I saw and experienced first hand, the unique farming practices and natural resources that make this one of the best tasting teas in the world."
"The body-friendly levels of caffeine in Wild Orchard’s green tea are more than sufficient to keep me alert and focused throughout my hospital nightshifts, Monday mornings and post-prandial coma attacks, while the L-theanine keeps me calm through the storms of stress from emergencies so that I can make safe decisions for my patients."


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